3D for the REST of us


Posted by rest3d on July 26, 2013

Someone I was talking to at SigGraph told me they did not know there was an opensource prototype implementation available, they checked the web site and it is not there. And yes, they are right, it was not there !

So I added the information in the ‘about’ tag, and copy it here.

AMD is sponsoring the main open-source (MIT licensed) rest3d prototype. It is a turn-key rest3d server composed of a XML database, a nodejs rest server, and viewer/loader code for the client. Source code available at , and a demo server is available here

This is an experimental implementation to study rest3d, and hopefully will converge to a rest3d implementation and help drive the effort. Feel free to clone/contribute/open issues. Also, make your own server using this github into an nodejs cartridge, so you can safely test this with your own data

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